About Me 


Hi there...


I'm Julian and I live in London with my wife, children & poodle..

In 2012 I had a career change and became a part-time photographer..


4 years after that I made it a full-time pursuit..

Although I take pictures at Weddings and Family Portraits my real passion lies in taking you on a journey of discovery in front of the camera to see yourself just the way you are..

Over the last 5 or so years over 100 shoots we've been on some amazing journeys of discovery together..


To those about to be married..

The ones soon to have babies..

Survivors of abuse, self harm and eating disorders..

The stretch marks that no longer matter..

The surgery scars that become accepted parts of the story..

Those who see themselves in a far different light once shot..

The others inbetween I thank you all for allowing me to create wonderful works of art where you are the stars ...


You don't need a role model ... you are role models one and all..





























You've heard that saying we are all a blank canvas...


We live and we grow taking on board every little thing that can and has happened to us.

From the stuff we can see ... scars and stretch marks, to the things inside the experiences and emotions.

These are the things that make us unique, individual makes us human ...

You have had your own moments, struggles and achievements day in say out.

It's time to look in a mirror and LOVE what you see ... stop the hate, the down talk the put downs.

Accept yourself .. see that you are a powerhouse you are fantastic the way you are ...

If you believe you aren't good enough then take a look in a mirror, take a deep breath and shout out...


No More ...


You are so much more than you give yourself credit for ..

A mother, a partner, a lover, a companion ....

It's time to show yourself what you didn't know you had, the power in the palm of you hands ... show the world the way you are ...

Aren’t sure where or how to start?

It's an amazing feeling to work with real people, just like you, and capture them as they have never been before. 


To show them the version of themselves they have rarely seen, maybe forgotten was there, or often didn't even know existed.


As we say be you, see YOU, it's an empowering experience. 

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