About Me

Hi there ... I'm Julian and I live in London with my wife, children & poodle.

In 2012 I had a career change and became a part-time photographer.  

4 years after that I made it a full-time pursuit.

Although I take pictures at Weddings and Family Portraits my real passion lies in taking women on a journey of discovery in front of the camera to see themselves as we see them, the way you are.

It's an amazing feeling to work with real women, just like you, and capture them as they have never been before.  To show them the version of themselves they have rarely seen, maybe forgotten was there, or often didn't even know existed.


As we say be you, see you it's an empowering experience. 


What We Do



So much of creating your experience starts with a first chat, over coffee.  This is where we get to know eachother a little better and understand the purpose of your shoot.

A brief questionnaire is completed to help this conversation flow.

Following the chat, and the booking of your date a private Pinterest board is created to share ideas and guide the style of the shoot.  Images are used for influence not recreation.



A shoot starts with a tour of the home studio so you can see all of the shoot locations.  

Following that a hair and makeup artist, who will assist you throughout the day will pamper you for the first set of images.  

Then we shoot,  many outfits, and a variety of sets based around the ideas from the pinboard.



The best of the images are selected and edited to be the best they can be.

An average shoot will result in over 600 pictures taken.  Roughly 40-50 images will be selected and edited for you to see.

Whilst all photographs are edited for colour, tone etc there is a light touch when it comes to retouching.  Just enough to remove minor blemishes but not enough to change you.



A few weeks after your session you will be invited back to the studio to see you images.


Some printed,others shown on the big screen.


Reveal sessions are, with permission, recorded to allow you to see your own reaction.


Images and products for purchase are selected.



Finally to ensure privacy is maintained images that can be shared are approved.  

Before you leave we make sure to grab a selfie !


Zoe K

It;s a case of genuinely how other's see you, and I don't think that happens every day.

My mind set in regards to me has changed. It's the way I see me.   It's acknowledgement that I'm not as bad as I thought I was.

Lindsay H

Exceeded even my high expectations.

One of the top 4 days of my life.

You know yourself a hell of a lot better afterwards. 

It's an experience that changes you, for the good.

Lizi JB

The whole experience has been uplifting, empowering and



Cannon Lane; Pinner;


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