The Way You Are is a unique approach to personal contemporary portraiture.  

It is here to challenge and reward you in equal measure.

From beginning to end you are asked to deliver the best version of yourself to be

captured for ever more.  

I assure you that you will fall so in love with the Wonder that we capture that instead of keeping the pictures to

yourself you will want to share them with everyone.

I take the approach that everyone is individual with their their own story to tell.  

What we develop together is the next chapter of The Way You Are.  

I'm not here to give you the same 25 images that you may have seen somewhere.  

I'm certainly not here to give you the same pictures as anyone else.  

So it doesn't matter your age, you shape or size or what you think of anything

that has been taken before.  

What matters is the challenge and experience.  

What matters is to define The Way You Are.

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