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5 Confidence Hacks for your Boudoir Photography session

There's no denying it ... having your photo taken is nerve wracking enough but to have a boudoir photo session that's on a different level. So how do we hack the confidence for you ? Give you the inner strength to be there and enjoy it ?

1. Be a part of the journey

Each and every session I shoot is unique for you. The easiest way to be confident on the day is to take control at the early stages, decide what it is you want to shoot, how you want to shoot it and shake off the fear.

The more you take part in planning the session, being on the journey, then the more excited you will be and the more confidence you will have.

2. Understand WHY you are having your session

There is a reason you are having your photo taken. What is it ?

Is it as a present for someone else ?

Is it for you, something you have always wanted to do ?

Have you booked the session to gain deeper intimacy with your partner ?

Are you celebrating something, a pregnancy, the return of the post baby body, a milestone ?

You want to leave the session with your WHY as fulfilled as possible, leave nothing on the table. Be honest and remember WHY and the confidence will run through you.

3. Be honest

I expect you to be nervous, have the giggles. Like one part more than the other, let me know I can work around it. Need a break, just shout. Need some help getting prepared let us know and your make up artist will be more than happy to help with laces, straps and what not ..

4. Know that you aren't a model

I've never shot an actual real model. So if you've looked at pictures of mine then what you are looking at is a woman just like you. I'm going to help you with the poses, show you how to be just right and take the best pictures of you ever.

5. The confidence builds

It's common to feel nervous at the beginning ... but once the hair and make up is done and the first 5 mins of having a camera pointed at you are over then trust me there will be no stopping you. The confidence will build and you will feel unstoppable.

When it comes to it your experience should be a fun and empowering experience. Be authentic and it will all come naturally. So relax and take a deep breath ...

I got your back !

I'd love to have a chat with you

If you want to know more then call me 07949 026 334

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