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A 2020 photography resolution

It's quite easy to get lost and caught up in many things at the beginning of a year. One of them is resolutions. We won't get into the good and the bad, if you think they are a good thing or a bad, or if you love or hate them.

Call them resolutions, call the goals, call them principles... I'm not sure I mind but one thing is for certain ... it's a good idea to sit, take stock and draw a line in the sand, especially for your business. If you think new year is a good idea for that then they go for it.

So with that in mind here's a few of mine for 2020

To tell a story with the photos I take

There isn't a single person that comes for a shoot that doesn't have a story to tell, from the survivors of domestic violence, the brides to be, mothers in waiting or milestone birthdays.

Those that are celebrating relationships, birthdays, being on the other side of mental drama, physical harm or life changing illness.

There are many others aside.

To all of those women, who have a reason to have a camera pointed at them, who want to celebrate, you deserve to have your own style, own shoot, individual experience.

2020 is the year more than ever where these stories will be told in your pictures.

To collaborate

I have always collaborated with other artists, fellow photographers, models, make up artists and traditional artists. These people along with those further afield, we all have something to learn and give. In a world where fair exchange is no robbery collaboration is a major way to grow.

To develop new skills

I've often said that I always want to push myself to new things. That doesn't mean that I don't look back at work from previous years will out pride or a smile. It's also equally true that there are skills that in have, and have had from the very beginning that I have honed down that are still in use today.

That said there are many many new things to learn, styles to borrow from and artists to admire and emulate.

To try new things

I love new things, sure they can go wrong before they go right but where are we if we don't raise up to a challenge. In line with the above, new skills lead to new things and collaborations often lead to projects outside of the norm.

I am I recognise very lucky to have a number of models I can call on, models that will allow me to try new ideas, be patient when I'm working out new things and to know that when trying new things the pictures could well be just rubbish, before I get them right.

In trying new things, often with collaborations, I then develop new skills and am able to provide a wider range of images to clients.

Quite often a client will add an image to a mood board that is a real challenge. My response is always .. I've not done it before, and it may not work, but I'm willing to give it a go and see what happens.

To create to inspire

As noted above everyone has a story, a reason to be here. I want the photos I shoot to inspire.

I want to inspire women to know the experience.

I want women to show their story, live their dreams beyond their limits.

In turn I want to inspire people to see them selves as art, know that they in turn can be good enough.

Finally I would like to think that I can inspire others to pick up a camera, and create their own works.

Something entirely different and unique

Maybe the hardest thing to do, out of all of the above, There are so many influences and artists that being truly unique is challenging but with enough of the above then a style will be developed.

One that is mine and mine alone and that is a challenge to be met.

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