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A - Z of Boudoir Photography B

Time for another installment of the A-Z of boudoir photography ... it's B and let's face it we have to be careful.

It's a letter open for abuse ... let's just say that when I take a picture I make the things that start with a B look great.  

But there are less obvious words to use ... lets start with


One of the things you need to be when you have a picture taken is brave... when you have a boudoir picture taken then you have to be even braver.  I know that.  Most of the sessions start with a set of pictures in a modest non revealing outfit ... a way to get to know each other and to limber up.  Then as the shoot progresses the other ideas we've discussed are shot.  Without fail when you come for the reveal it is the braver, riskier, more exciting images that are the ones that you will fall in love with.  As one WayYouAreWonder put it .. I can have a picture like that taken anywhere ... but a picture like this ... well that's unique to how you do it.

Bodysuits and Basques  ...

See I've started with 2 words already.  Without a doubt the most common thing that comes up whilst I talk with potential WayYouAreWonders is ... what do I wear ..  The basque or bodysuit is a great item of clothing to consider for your shoot.  It covers all the bits you want covering, it can be modest or revealing both in the cut and the material it can be made out of.  But the best thing about a basque or a bodysuit ... they are generally a snug fit and follow your curves, showing of the best bits and leaving out others .. A session with a bodysuit or a basque certainly needs to be added to your tick list.


It never ceases to amaze me that people are not able to see that they have a natural beauty.  Trust me when I tell you that after we've had a great session together and taken the best images of your life you will without a doubt see yourself as others see you and maybe even see yourself as you never have before ...  one person looked at a picture and said ... 'Well she doesn't come out much, but I like her, she's going to come out more often now !!'

If you feel like you would like to have a great experience in front of a camera, challenge yourself and walk away with the best picture of you that you will ever have then call me 020 3893 8636 for a chat.

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