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A - Z of boudoir photography C

Time for another A - Z of boudoir photography and we are up to C

Black and white woman looking in mirror

Now in my world C can be any number of things but I'm going to start with Courage.

Sometimes all you need is 20 sec of insane courage for 20 sec of insane bravery. 

A lot of the women that come for an experience, well they have history, they've lived lives.  Whilst it takes a certain amount of gusto to come and have a boudoir session for a lot of these women it's a huge step.  From relationship abuse survivors, to ex-anorexics, weight loss warriors to those that just want to do something that challenges them and for fun it all happens here.

Colour image of woman looking in mirror

C can also be for challenge ... you see to get the very best of what you want to do, to have the best of the experience then you have to face the challenge.  A Way You Are Experience is like nothing else you will ever have done.  It's certainly not about having the same 20 images that maybe everyone else has.  It's about working together collaborating on ideas, building your dream shoot, to make it go just the way you want to.  In most cases that means challenging what you think, see and feel about yourself . 

Challenges are what makes life interesting.  Over coming them is what makes life meaningful.

The final C I think I'm going to use is confidence 

Colour image woman in white shirt spreading lipstick across face

Confidence is the ability to feel beautiful with out needing someone to tell you

Without a doubt the women that come to shoot leave with a while new level of confidence.  They have let themselves go, met the challenge and been courageous enough to push all of their boundaries.  It's an experience that can't help but change you.

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