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Boudoir Web Sessions

Yup you read that right a boudoir session in your home using your phone as the camera.

I want to know more

Now don't get too excited ... this will never take the place of a full shoot experience and the picture quality is not great but it is fun and something to do in lock down and isolation. It may also lead you to a full shoot experience if you have been holding back.

This is an opportunity to be empowered, do something may be out of your comfort zone and give yourself a high five and maybe a Gin when you've done it !!

What to expect

  • 45 or so minutes to feel present and feeling good about yourself

  • complete direction from me during your shoot

  • an amazing way to document this tumultuous time in your life

  • a chance to create art of yourself you never thought possible (due to the quality of the images, they lend themselves to a vintage aesthetic)

  • some saucy photos for you to keep for yourself or share with others

  • renewed confidence, sense of self, and getting in touch with your body to help you power through!

I love that can I book one ...



Once you book your session, I will send you a Zoom link that you will use when it’s time for your session. When you sign in you will see me and I will see you! First things first we take a walk through your place so I can see where the light is and how it shows up with your device (you can use a laptop, ipad or phone - phone works best!).

Next, I will instruct you with where to prop up your device ( I recommend having a phone stand, portable stool, or something sturdy to lean your device against - get creative!)

I will direct you on where and how to pose, use vocal commands and gestures and as a last resort, showing you the exact pose from my side of the world !

When you are posing, I will be “taking shots” just like I do in the studio - albeit a little slower and with less clicking sounds.

We will work our way through your space trying a bunch of different poses, styles, etc.

At the end of your session I will take your images, edit them with artistic license (because we all know screenshots aren’t great for a high end image) and send you a link to 10 digital images that are yours to do whatever you want!

WHAT DO I WEAR? Basically whatever you want, but I recommend wearing something that suits the environment that we will be shooting in. If it is a bedroom, any lingerie, nude, or comfy clothes will work - if in a bathroom/shower, we can do a towel on the head and some nudes.

Literally, anything you have in your closet is totally fine!

MY HOUSE IS NOT PHOTO-WORTHY, WHAT DO I DO? That’s not for you to decide haha! All we need to create some beautiful images is a bed, couch or chair, a blank wall, and a window - everything else is just a bonus.

Anything and everything works!

IS THIS A SUBSTITUTE FOR A REGULAR SESSION WITH YOU? While this is a temporary substitution to a full Way You Are Session until we can get back in the studio, it will never replace the FULL experience on offer in studio with professional hair & makeup, the ability to wear whatever the hell you bring to wear. We can't throw paint over you, cover you in glitter, but you could have a cake smash !!

Finally a regular experience will give you high quality images that are worthy of displaying in your home and in a luxury album to remind you for years of just how bad ass and fabulous you are.

Sounds amazing let's do it

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