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Can a man be a boudoir photographer ... ?

The simple answer to this is, of course he can, and in many ways he can deliver different results than a female photographer.

Here are the reasons why

Men are for the main part the target audience

A lot of women have boudoir pictures taken for themselves, to boost self confidence and to show a different side to themselves. It is also the case that for many the pictures are a gift for their other half.

For the most part a male photographer will have an understanding of what it is that men want to see, what to wear, how to pose, how to light. Bear in mind that to a professional photographer it’s a job. Sure he’s going to put you at ease, he’s going to make you feel comfortable in the outfits you choose to ware. For the most part if he’s doing his job right he’s going to put you at ease, make sure you don’t feel awkward, recognise the good and the bad.

When I shoot I always have a female assistant. My hair and make up artist is always on hand so help in posing, adjusting and the female point of view is never far away.

Women are more likely to hit the boudoir vibe in front of men

If a boudoir shoot is about showing your inner goddess then it’s true that women can feel more concious in front of a female photographer than a male one. Women are often happy with their partner seeing them in all states of clothed and beyond but doing the same for a photographer can be quite nerve wrecking. If you think a female photographer will criticise the way you look then a male photographer may be the right choice.

It’s also more likely that a male photographer can bring out the inner goddess in you more than a female photographer to help create the unique photos you are after.

Professionalism makes gender irrelevant

What it boils down to is this. As a professional photographer it doesn’t matter if I’m male or female. What matters is that I exercise discretion, that I am sensitive to you and that I have good judgement. What is most important is that you choose and photographer that you are comfortable with, whose artistic vision is aligned to yours and one that you think will provide both a great experience and incredible images.

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