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Celebrity Boudoir

It seems that boudoir photography and body confidence is hitting main stream celebrities, especially those who may be considered too old to want to have their picture taken.

Vanessa Feltz was in the papers yesterday celebrating her age and weight loss.

Her celebration took the form of a boudoir photography session, in her own home, in her own lingerie, on her own terms.

She appeared on This Morning the same morning and the key word throughout was CONFIDENCE .. as Venessa herself says,

"There really is only just a bit of shoulder or thigh on show but the confidence is oozing."

I think it's fair to say that Vanessa is a public figure, we all know her and she has never necessarily seemed to be lacking in confidence !!

Earlier in the month Ulrika Jonsson took part in an advertising campaign for an over 50s dating app that TFL decided to ban.

Saira Khan was in OK magazine in November celebrating turning 50 soon.

The accompanying article discusses her confidence issues and her psoriasis.

"It comes as in important time because next year I turn 50. I wanted to put all of my insecurities and hang ups behind me. "

When told she was brave to do this her response

"I didn't feel brave - I felt empowered"

Kate Garraway was discussing her stint on I'm a Celebrity and although not posing for pictures said she was proud to fly the flag for the over 50s, especially when she was taking a shower.

There is a common theme ... confidence, empowerment, celebration.

If you are going to do anything in 2020 then why not find out a bit more about how you can celebrate yourself in a similar way.

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