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Five weeks to go .. OR Samples and Frames

So another week has passed and lots has happened for the gallery ...

This week has all been about samples, samples and frames ...

So the first run of images has arrived and they are all superb, you are just going to have to take my word for it because there are no sneak peaks.

I've always loved printing my work .. it validates it a little more than just seeing it on screen ... We are so used to that now that it's almost devalued photography in some ways.

So even a 6x4 inch print gets me excited ... I normally print Way You Are pics to 9x6 inch that's the standard size for the prints that people buy. However the gallery needs something bigger .. and I mean bigger. So far the biggest is 3 ft or if you were born after 1980 that's just about 100 cm

That's is the biggest I have ever seen any of my work ... actually it's a little bit humbling and now I want to go even bigger. 6 ft anyone ... that's larger than life size. I've no idea how to get a frame for something that big or how I'd get it to where it's got to go but can you imagine that.

So now I'm still working which if the pictures to use and what size to print them ... it can get a little out of hand. It's an interesting part of putting the gallery together, after all a lot of time has pasted since the first images were taken and there have certainly been changes to the type of picture taken. I imagine it's like being a musician, some of the songs on the 1st album must be long term faves, some you'd do different if you only could. As time goes by you develop a style and then you start to get it right. Looking through your own work can be a bit like that ...

I've also been posting a series of soundbites ... little bits of the interviews with some of The Way You Are Wonders that have enjoyed the experience. If you want to see them talking then why not join the Facebook Group here and take a scroll through there's a few there now.

So next week is more printing, the hunt for larger frames and some more interviewing .... all of that and getting on with work ...

#Boudoir #Gallery

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