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One of the things I hear the most from people when they see my work is I'll have that done but when I loose some weight.

Now people come in all shapes and sizes, that is after all what makes us interesting and varied and individual.

Here's the thing though ... you don't need to loose weight at all. I can take great pictures of you right now.

The one thing you need to be sure of above all else is that your photographer is going to take great images of you, trust you and respect you and push you just a little bit outside of your comfort zone.

The amazing thing about boudoir photography is that it will make you see yourself in a whole new light. Make you see yourself as otehrs see you.

Most people turn up with an equal amount of nerves and excitement. After air and make up is done, First outfit is on and the first few shots taken all of that falls away.

We come in a ll shapes nd sizes, celebrate yours now.

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