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In lockdown distance is no longer a problem. London Boudoir Photographer

2020 will be remembered for many things but there will be a single thing that over rides it all. CoronaVirus, Covid19, Lockdown.

I want to know more

Right now May 2020 many many countries are in umpteenth week of lockdown. We have gone way way way past the point of panic. We have shopped till we dropped and the supermarkets remain open. We have resorted to cutting our own hair, preparing our home waxing kits and trimming our own dogs. Jigsaws are now available on Amazon for a huge increase in price.

As a small business owner If I hear the word PIVOT one more time I'll hit the person using it. See I have a different view. Don't pivot, do what you do, and do it a different way. I'm a photographer, I take pictures of people not things and right now, there are no weddings, not parties and there is no studio work.

Virtual boudoir sessions are not my idea. I don't know if anybody knows who started it but they are how I am being creative right now ...

This looks great let's book one

They have taught me so much and given those that shoot great experiences

1. Distance and time are no longer an issue.

In a traditional shoot distance and time are an issue. For the most part, and I have had people travel to me from as far as Spain, most of my clients are within 50 miles, maybe 90 mins away. Part of their day is taken travelling to and from the studio, getting ready and then of course travelling home again. Time is also a premium with shooting taking place during regular working hours.

This is no longer an issue. I can travel to where ever in the world at what ever time suits as long as it's reasonable.

Our session was like a therapeutic modelling, artistic, healing photography session for me !

2. Its a great experience.

I started off thinking it was a gimmick a short cut. Something to do whilst we couldn't meet in person. It's so much more than that. These sessions have been so good that I may continue them once we are all allowed out again.

The pictures we can take, the situations we can create are unlike anything we can do in the studio, they are unique to web sessions and create very different results.

3. The quality is not the same as a studio set up but so what

OK so the quality is not anything like a studio setup and is dependant on so many variables. That aside the pictures are still good. The experience is still in line with those of a regular session.

4. Editing is a different thing all together

With regular editing the devil is as they say in the detail. Studio images will be displayed sometimes sometimes 3 or 4 ft wide. Print and image that size and there is NO room for error. Here we are looking at ways of enhancing the image and making up for the lack of quality ... it makes for a more creative edit.

5. A lot of the outcome is in the hands of the client

So much of a regular session is controlled either by me or an assistant. Lighting, camera setting, posing and positioning. Even wardrobe choices as well as back grounds and props. Now all of that is in the hands of the client. The mood of the session is in their hands, direction is harder, but the results can be so much better. When the client is left to direct and manage themselves, with little input from me, for some reason the images seem far more authentic.

Embodiment that's what you helped me to achieve 

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