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It's about time you had an affair !!

Find out who you are and be that person.
Find that truth, live that truth, and everything else will come. - Ellen DeGeneres

"What's the point?

Who is doing this?

Why are they even doing it?"

Let me explain ... I'm a boudoir photographer. Right away I've used two words that I should replace with something words that are better. Words that are way more accurate. Words that have a better meaning.

In that case then lets go with the following; I am a sensual, erotic therapeutic artist. My chosen medium of capture is a camera. I'm giving you the time, space and energy to have a love affair. A love affair with yourself.

Anyone, and I mean nearly anyone, even a blind monkey with thumbs that no longer function can learn how to hold a camera, turn the dials, push all of the buttons and knobs. Unfortunately the world is full of people just like that. You know the ones, all of the gear big, black boxes of doom and despair. Their mere presence delivering a dark foreboding heavy presence into the room.

In answer to the questions at the top .. what I am creating and giving you is a chance to fall in love with the person you are inside and out, in many cases for the very first time. I'm giving you the safety and the space to be the you that is hidden, maybe never uncovered until now. Maybe you've never felt safe letting that you out, don't want to be judged, ridiculed or scoffed. Yet that version of you exists, wants to be seen, wants to be loved, cared for and admired.

Maybe, this is a better way of saying it.

When you start a relationship with someone, you are all about the superficial. Just one thing, a point of interest is enough to make you want to pursue a friendship at the very least. It can be how that person looks, the colour of their hair. Maybe it's the clothing they wear. A way they laugh. Maybe it's the scent they spray themselves with. Whatever it is, doesn't matter it's enough for you to want more. Enough to pick at the scab to go deeper, uncover finer details, get to know them better. What you desire more than anything else is a deep understanding and connection. I'm telling you now that out of the countless friends you will encounter in your life time, all of them that will come, go and stay with you. It maybe the fingers of one or maybe two hands that you get to know that well.

I can call on a number of friends, some I've know for ever, others far less time that see me, understand me better than I do and can pull me through a crisis, a funk. They can party hard with me, drink all night long and prop me up again in the morning. Of that small number of people there are even fewer, one if we are lucky. That one person who completes and complements us, finishes sentences, knows your favourite ice cream flavour. The person that knows you so well they can find you in a crowded room, bring the drink you most want at the moment in time with them and just make the mood lighter.

Do I know myself that well? Do you know yourself that well?

You don't but you should. Ask yourself those deep questions. Give yourself a dare. Stretch the limits and take a risk. Go shopping for the things you never by but your friends would insist you both buy and then actually wear. Look at yourself in the mirror with loving eyes. Deep affection and true, heartfelt love.

We all hate something about ourselves. We all see things others just don't. I'm imploring you to have that affair. To feel new feelings and tender thoughts. To want to do ALL of those naughty things and more. To take a hold of yourself, like a true friend would and simply let yourself be you. To uncover the hidden. Be dark, mysterious, or light and fun. Who knows what you will uncover.

What I can promise you is a whole lot of things you have never experienced. Ways of looking at yourself that are simply breath taking. You know that outfit in the back of the wardrobe, the labels still on it even though you bought it 3 years ago, the frilly things that you have been waiting for am excuse to wear or buy. Well here it is. In spades. Come have an affair. With yourself. Make it a romance that will last forever. A journey of discovery that will uncover all of those hidden layers. A life changing experience that will ensure that you can honestly say you appreciate and love the way you are.

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