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Let's talk confidence, courage and comfort zones.

We live in a massively connected world, more so than ever before we are able to see and share what we are doing, and we can do it right now ...

We would be mistakenly forgiven to believe that every one we see and follow in the mine field of social media well, we would think they have their shit together.

Let me tell you how it is from my perspective ... I'm an artist and my chosen medium is photography ... whilst I shoot many styles the boudoir photography is my playground and it is here that I want every single thing to be different. I want every time I pick up that camera to reveal a different image.

That leads to uncertainty and fear ... can I produce the image, can I keep the person looking down the lens at ease, will the edit make the final image gallery worthy ? and so the list goes on and on.

There are those to call these feelings 'Imposter Syndrome' and many artists are not able to leave it behind .. sure we all start off like this. I've taken a hobby, I've emulated my heroes and now well now I've got to create my own work. Take what I've learnt and be an individual ...

And then comes the self doubt, Is this good enough, can I hold my head high ... did I capture the essence ... ?


Not because I feel like an imposter anymore .. but because I hope and pray I got it right ... hit the nail on the head and managed to create the images the lady staring down the lens really hopes for ..

Fake it, till you make it ... you must have heard that one. Well let's face it I don't think I'm faking any more but I am making art with my feet buried in uncertainty.

Uncertainty is a good thing ... it keeps me on my toes. Stops me from being complacent, makes me think hard about what I'm doing, why, how who ... Let's face it I could stay in the comfort zone, and take the same picture over and over, but beyond the comfort zone is a special place it's where magic happens ... I can't thank the first of the Way You Are Wonders enough for pushing comfort zones with me, or the others that have since followed.

Uncertainty is not the same as a lack of courage or confidence, I have those things in buckets and spades .. Confidence is the creative process, the need to push the envelope, the desire to create new things. Courage is the will to act on the ideas, call someone and suggest the idea and see what happens. We might not get there first time but at least we had the courage and confidence to have a go .. remove some if not all of the uncertainty.

To quote Leonard Cohen - Anthem

Forget your perfect offering There is a crack in everything That's how the light gets in

I'm always searching for the light, the thing glinting through the crack ... that is what makes me different.

Comfort Zones are not where the best photos are produced, it's not where the best images lie. We are all afraid but some of us look forward to living in uncertainty.

Art doesn't come from raw talent, you can after all be the best technical musician, know all the scales and play them perfectly, but if you can't bring emotion to the fore then so what ? Art, comes from somewhere else .. the courage and the confidence to push the barrier of the comfort zone to a new place, almost each and every time we do what we do. However uncertain we of the result we try ...

For most people, every step forward you take with me is a step into new territory somewhere you have never been before. That's OK I've got your back, I'm holding your hand. It feels weird having a photo taken, it feels like it's not for you, unnatural .. guess what it's not natural, you feel like you don't belong because in a sense, you don't but during the shoot the courage and the confidence shine, the comfort zone is refreshed and you are heading onto new territory ...

So what ever it is you do and if you want to come and have a boudoir experience with me, one I am confident is like no other around, then just have the confidence and the courage .. push the comfort zones and be apologetically you .. the way you are.


I'd love to know what you think about anything I talk about in this post ... leave me a comment and lets have a chat !

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