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Mental Health Awareness Week

Life isn't about weathering the storm, it's about learning to dance in the rain.

I heard that quote once in a speech a few years back ... from I might add someone I hold in high regard and respect, a normal woman who at the time was struggling to keep it all together.

We are very much in the middle of a typical English Springtime... one day rain and lots of it and the next brilliant sunshine. In fact the mood is so wonky that rain and shine can be just minutes apart.

And we all have those days ... the days when it rains, it pours, we fell like we are drowning. Basically those days when life gets in the way. But we also know that after the rain, there will be bright, brilliant and warm sunshine to bask in. To rejoyce in ... the days where we stick up those fingers and and shout Screw You .. I'm on top of it.

There is a lot said for mental health ... Mental Health Awareness Week starts tomorrow.. so I'm giving you all an early pep talk.

Where I am it's a bright and shiny day ... one of the days that makes you feel good.. well at the moment it does but who know what will happen by lunch time!

I want you to look in the mirror and turn what you see in its head... actually take time to look at the things you like ... the things your partner likes .. the things that make you you.

I have a few shoots coming up in the next few weeks with great women, brave individuals, stories to tell, women who are maybe out of the ordinary. I'm excited to share them with you when we are done but more excited that they are coming in the first place ..

So be brave, be bold and go dance in the rain, splash in the puddles, smell the damp air because soon, the sun will shine, warm your back and glint in your eye. Be ready...

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