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New Year ... Same You But Different

OK so be honest how many of you woke up on the 1 Jan, took a deep breath and said to yourself ...

"OK so this year I .... " insert a regular resolution here ... lose weight, get fitter, run a marathon, stop smoking ..

I'm not saying that any of those things are bad ... I could do with shedding just a few pounds, I'm never running a marathon so count that out and I stopped smoking years ago. However what we don't need to do is make massive changes to ourselves.

The Way You Are is here to help you to either rediscover or discover yourself ... imagine this

You are married, 2 kids, you spend all day on the school run, cleaning the mess, grabbing a mouthful of fishfinger. By the time the kids are tucked away for the night all you can do is collapse on the sofa.


You are mid 40, your body tells your life story and it doesn't quite feel like it used to. Maybe you don't like what stares back from the mirror. Quite possibly your confidence is low.


You are in your 20s starting to feel good about how and who you are and quite want to have a bit of an adventure, but not sure what and are a bit scared about the future.

It doesn't matter who you are, where you are in your life story or the reason you want to feel fabulous about yourself, either for the first time or the first time in a while.

Everybody comes with fear, it a natural feeling for men and women and comes from being conditioned to look for the bad, being self critical rather than self praising. Face it when did you last look in the mirror on an ordinary day and pat yourself on the back.

So let The Way You Are be your stylist, your confidant and your mirror in 2018 ..

When you start to see yourself through our eyes, start to style your shoot and get excited. On the day when hair and make up is done and your special outfit is being worn. Have a small glass of bubbles step in front of the camera and be confident.

You don't need to take my work for it here is some of what others already have to say ...

We are here to make the way you look at yourself change. Challenge the old you, become the Way You Are but better.

Take the first step and have a chat with me and see what we can do to make you feel fabulous.

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