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Photographers and Self Doubt

I'm a creative soul and as such I'm quite fragile and frankly a little shallow. All I really want is for people to like what I do, and how I do it. So for me the hardest part of any experience is the delivery.

Confidence is preparation. Everything else is beyond your control. - Richard Kline

I love getting to know the WayYouAreWonders that come to shoot, working with them to understand what drives them to have a session all of their own.

  • Is it to boost confidence ?

  • Is it to see themselves in a new light ?

  • Is it as a gift for themselves or another ?

  • Is it to chase away fear and doubt ?

In fairness the list goes on and on and on.

The shoot is easy for me, I'm in control, I know I will get great pictures, push your limits, explore the ideas we discuss.

The edit is where things take shape, come to life are moulded by me to create the finished article ...

  • it's my final vision of what we achieve,

  • my conclusion to your chapter,

  • my interpretation of everything we do together

Finally the reveal is when you get to see it all. The 40 or 50 pictures I have chosen, edited, and in some cases printed. It terrifies me. It's make or break. I know that some will challenge on first sight, others will make you smile, others yet may make you shed a tear.

In 65 shoots and counting, I've never had a bad reveal, never not delivered, never missed the mark.

So why is it this is the stage the fear creeps on for me ... I've thought about it many many times and the answer I think is this. I want you to love what you see, admire what you did, believe you created something special ... After all we expect nothing less and if I miss that mark well than I didn't get it right and that ... well that would hurt me.

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