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Preparing for a boudoir session


There are a few maintenance type things that you’ll want to think about in preparation for your shoot.

This isn’t a must-do list, it’s just some suggestions for things you may want to consider having done.

  • Get your roots done! This one is not optional, you’ll hate your images if you don’t.

  • Do not apply fake tan. I know this is hard, especially if you are totally white. But really, the camera is only going to enhance that un-natural orange glow you have and you will end up looking weird.

  • Mani/Pedi. Don’t forget that the colour you choose needs to work with all your wardrobe options, so a neutral is usually best.

  • Waxing. Have this done about a week prior to your session if possible.

  • Eyebrows. We’ll do makeup, but we don’t have time to tweeze and shape, so make sure you’re happy with their general state ahead of your shoot

  • Wear false eyelashes. I really can’t stress this one enough. When I did my first shoot, all of the girls opted to wear false lashes. They make look somewhat fake in real life and you may feel weird wearing them. However, in the photos they make a HUGE difference. You actually don’t really notice them in the pictures, but you will notice their effect. They accentuate your eyes and give them a gorgeous almond shape. These are a must-have!

  • Hydrate! It’s great if you can drink plenty of water in the days leading up to your photo shoot. It makes a world of difference to the appearance of your skin and eyes, and it’s good for you anyway.

  • Lip Balm. Apply liberally for several days before your shoot to avoid chapped lips..

  • Wardrobe. Wear loose fitting clothing the day of so that you don’t have markings when you strip down. Bring clothing that makes you FEEL sexy, not what you THINK is sexy. Don’t purposely go out and buy lingerie that doesn’t make you feel comfortable or is over the top. It will read in your photos, on your face, and in your body language.The sexiest clothing items to bring are fall-off-the-shoulder tops, cropped soft sweaters, a man’s button down shirt/tie, lacy underthings, simple black and white bras/panties (they can pair with other things), sheer slips/teddies, anything vintage, stockings/thigh highs/soft over-the-knee socks, sexy heels and subtle jewelry and hair pieces/flowers. Layering items is always a good thing to keep in mind. I tell clients to bring as many clothing options as they can.

Watch what you eat in the day or two before your session. This is not the time for crash dieting, but it’s worth avoiding anything that makes you feel bloated or gives you headaches.

On the day of your shoot, you MUST eat, but aim for small healthy meals rather than a giant plate of greasy chips. I think this is actually far more psychological than physical, but either way it’s hard to feel sexy if you’ve carb loaded on crap, right? Save that for after the shoot

A note about wanting to lose 5/10/15 Pounds before your session….you do not need to. You are beautiful and absolutely fine exactly as you are. You will look fabulous in the images we create together, whether you lose a few pounds or not. If you tell yourself you’re going to wait until you are the perfect number on the scale to come see me, there’s a pretty good chance I’ll never get the opportunity to photograph you. Forget the numbers, let’s make you feel amazing NOW.

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