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See and Be Seen

I've been a photographer for a very long time and yet I can still have revelations ..

And so in the dark of night whilst staring at the ceiling I think I finally understood my photography life a little better.

I've been covering a lot of ground recently and yesterday ended with a photo reveal that, as they always do, really well. Oddly I walked away from it with a different sense of accomplishment.

So here it is .. the questions I've struggled with for some time .. what is it that photography, my style in particular is here for.

See and be seen ..

Here's the answer ..

My photography at least is here to give you

  • adventure

  • discovery

  • revelation

  • reveal

Taking a photograph should be an adventure. A discovery of some part of you that you haven't yet seen, reveal aspects that are new to you and provide a revelation of the things that you are looking for.

If I can do that for you then experience is worth it.

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Stay tuned...
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