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Some Myth Busting ... the Way You Are Way

If I say the words ... Boudoir Photography to you I bet that before the word photography is completed you have a picture of what happens in your minds eye. Maybe it's wrong maybe it's right. I'm also betting that you are thinking of a number of reasons, no excuses of why it isn't for you.

So let's smash those myths to bits straight from the horse's mouth....

Myth1 : Of course the photos are beautiful but have you seen his models. They are all models or should be ...

OK truth bomb time ...

Non of the Way You Are Wonders are models, or at least they weren't before they came to me. A number have gone on to become models that's true, What the women are my website are is this .. they are mothers, they are wives, they are girlfriends. They are women who have a past, some were anorexics, others have endured abusive relationships. Others yet were self harmers, or have ADHD. There are some with birthmarks, skin rashes and psoriasis, surgery scars, stretch marks, birth defects. In short they are all women who are at their core wonderful. You'll notice I didn't mention age, size or shape because frankly it doesn't matter. You won't believe me until you have a session with me but let me tell you .. I've got you. I and my team with hold your hand and give you the best time of your life.

Myth2 : I'm not sexy, I don't know how to be sexy. I don't know how to model

Which roughly translates to I don't know how to pose.

It doesn't surprise me that you don't know how to pose. This after all could be your first ever boudoir experience, and the chances are you don't know how to pose how I will pose you because you haven't shot with me before. It's my JOB to pose you, tell you what I want you to do whilst still letting you be natural and you.

Myth 3 : I hate pictures of myself, I won't like more than 1 or 2

This is why I do this .. I can completely and utterly promise you that of the 30 or so pictures I put in front of you, you will like them all and love most of them. I want to challenge what you see in yourself. So at the reveal there will be tears and WOW moments and sharp intake of breath and all of the emotions that are in between. For most of the Wonders that come to see me the hardest part isn't shooting it's narrowing down the pictures to take away, put in a book or print huge for the wall. You will find it hard to leave any behind.

Myth 4 : I need to loose weight

OK so you don't but if it make you feel better then sure loose the pounds. In reality it takes a few months to actually shoot from booking so treat yourself well and you'll be in good shape so to speak. I want you to feel great on the inside so it glows on the outside So book now for a few months away and work towards it. If you don't reach the goal do the shoot ANYWAY because I promise you will smash it... Or just screw all of that and come shoot now the Way You Are ... because that after all is what it is all about ... !!

Myth 5 : These photos are a lot of money, I can't justify spending so much on myself

The truth is this is an investment, You are investing in yourself, in the experience in the changes it will make to you. They are not in expensive and the entire journey takes time. From when we talk, to the planning, a full day of shooting with a makeup artist, the editing and coming for the reveal. Some budgets don't allow for such things and I'm fine with that. I have payment plans.

Ready for another truth bomb .. you are worthy of the investment. Are you ready to completely shift your perception of how you see yourself. Are you ready to be a changed, happier, stronger and more powerful version of you .. now that is a no brainer right. See it's not photos it's an experience, a challenge and a reward. A reward that will last a lifetime. Myth 6 : Any photographer can get good pictures I'll go to someone else.

Here's another truth bomb ... No this is simply not true ... the photographer you choose to book with makes a HUGE difference to the experience. This stuff matters to me. Providing you with the best possible experience is what this is about. You are the only shoot in a day, it takes as long as it takes. When we plan we talk and talk. We share ideas. I match you to one of over a dozen hair and make up artists, to suit your style. Want to be covered in glitter I have glitter artists and body paint specialists just for that, I shoot in a home environment so want shower shots ... jump in.

I am forever upgrading my skills and investing in myself to allow me to invest in you. Jaw dropping art is what I want to give you and I make sure that I can,

Myth 7 : I'm not brave enough, but maybe some day ...

Here's the final truth ... Now is the time ... the nerves about booking never go away, even if you have been here before. They don't ease up because actually they aren't nerves they are excitement. Do it ... come be wonderful. Just book it, as we say Take the Way You Are Plunge.

Do brave things ...do some of them in my studio. Trust me when I say I got you .. we are in this together and if you are ready to laugh, cry and anything else in between ... book in.

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