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Standing Out From The Crowd

Tattoos in recent times they've become far more acceptable to a point where the shock factor is somewhat diminished.  You have to go a long way with your body art to really shock and suprise and having just one or two inks on you is no longer enough.  In fact it's  almost a shock to see someone without anything at all especially if they are ages between 20 and 25.  There are so many mainstream tv programs now such as TattooFixers or similar that the whole subculture is becoming mainstream.

I myself have 2 inks that I am prouder of as days and years go by.  Both of mine are unique, designed by me with some help from the artist.  They have meaning and I am sure without doubt that no matter how long I live they will never be a source of regret.

For me your ink should represent you and tell some of your life story.  Whilst the image my start from something you've seen or liked before picking a template from a book is not where I wanted to be for mine.

And so it is with my boudoir photography. Over several years and more than 20,000 images shot I can honestly say that no 2 sessions are the same or result in the same pictures being delivered.  All sessions start with a chat either in person or Skype. I want to know what drives you, what your likes and dislikes are and how to deliver what you want.

Then it's over to you using a secret Pinterest board that no one else can see we gather thought, ideas and influencing images.  The rules are simple.. anything goes. Pin it and then we can talk. Don't pin it we'll never know. It's the same for both of us.  I have a huge gallery or images to choose from and  once you start trust me you won't stop.  My most prolific pinner posted over 200 pins and exceeded all of her own expectations.

After a while themes appear in the pins and sets of images for the day are determined.  It's a brilliant way to reduce the fear and raise the excitement. 

Like on woman said...

When I came I was on a mission.  It's not the same as the one I would have been on had we not have planned and talked.  I was determined to push my comfort level and as we had spent so much time talking and discussing I trusted you implicitly.

So all I ask is for you to be less scared and just be a bit braver.  Each journey starts with the first doorstep on the path What's yours? 

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