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The Gallery 6 weeks to go ... OR Back to School with Print Sizes and viewing distances

6 weeks to go the way you are launch gallery

There's 6 weeks to go to the Way You Are launch gallery and we aren't wasting any time.

Tickets are here if you want to come along https://thewayyouare.eventbrite.co.uk

In the last week or so candidate image have been selected and are being editing for use as well as being check with models.

In an on going effort many of the models have been visited, some of whom had their sessions a long time ago and have been interviewed for the camera. You can see some of the soundbites here. We are going to be adding more and more as the weeks go by.

So what about the title of this blog ... Did you know that there are optimum sizes and viewing figures for gallery wall prints .... well there you go neither did I. Well not until I was having a chat with a dog walking friend of mine over the weekend. But in this world there is a math formula for everything.

It goes something like this .... well I won't bore you to tears with the really complicated version that takes into account the size of the camera sensor, the number of pixels, the print quality of the image or the length of the lens you were using and just maybe the waist size of your trousers. That can give you some truly odd results.

So it's back to school boy math and the age old question ... When will I ever use that in real life ... It goes something like this. The optimal viewing distance seems to be 1.5 times the length of the diagonal length of the image OR to put it another way the hypotenuse multiplied by 1.5.

Remember Pythagoras and his theorem ... well these thank the lord Google can do it all for you ...

So what all of that means is as follows

A 36 inch x 24 inch image has an optimal viewing distance of 5.5 FT

A 24 inch x 16 inch image has an optimal viewing distance of 3.6 FT

A 12 inch x 10 inch image has an optimal viewing distance of 1.5 FT

Amazing right ... the things you learn.

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