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The Gallery ... Or I had a bit of an idea and actually it's going to happen

OK so first off it's been an absolute age since I blogged anything anywhere ... I'd like to pretend I had an excuse but other than I've been busy and life gets in the way ... I haven't.

So here I am like many back at the keyboard starting all over again.

What better way to start the refresh of the blog than to let you all know about the Way You Are launch gallery .... there you are I've said it.

In 7 weeks time .. count them 7 short weeks I'm holding a gallery in London of the Way You Are pictures. I'd had this idea some time ago ... and then I happened to mention it to someone and then ... well and then before you know it you are choosing images to put on a wall.

First off I thought the models might not be so keen, I mean it's a big thing to ask isn't it .. Hi xxx those pictures that we took of you in lingerie, or a white sheet in maybe nothing at all. Well would you mind if we printed them larger than life and let people look at them ? It's not quite that blunt but it's quite a scary thing to ask. It's also quite important because if they say no well then I can't have the gallery. Guess what the ALL said Yes ..

So now I'm pouring over 12,000 images taken over the last 2 years and looking for the best ones to put up on the walls ... but then even that isn't easy because now you have to think of how many, what size, the type of finish ... the options are just endless.

It's the first of many hurdles .. next it's what am I going to say on the night, what are we going to feed people, will we even sell tickets ...

Talking of tickets you can get hold of of one on EventBrite but you have to be a member of the Facebook group first so if you think you might want to come see some lovely pictures click this link here to join the group and see the event ...

#Gallery #Boudoir

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