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The Way You Are Gallery ... just 4 weeks to go

When I started The Way You Are ... way back when I had a vision in mind a way of shooting and providing an experience far and away from that you would normally experience in a photo shoot.

Many years ago, before I was a photographer my family and I went for a photoshoot. You know the kind of thing. Come for a free shoot, have a complimentary 6x4 and go home. I swore I wasn't going to be mugged but still ended up spending hundreds of pounds on a wall hanging. 10 or more years later it's still there so I guess it's actually value for money.

Anyway I digress a little because actually all that was; was 20 - 25 mins of photography followed by a quick ushering into the digital showroom to buy now or never have the opportunity.

I wanted to deliver something different something that was more emotionally fullfilling. So overtime I developed The Way You Are. It's main ethos is to give you a great time, remove any fears you may have of being infront of the camera, push your limits and produce great art. So no pressure.

Over a 2 year period I've developed that, and I belive that now it does just that.

So what has all of that got to do with having a gallery in 4 weeks or so ... well

The gallery is made up of stories, the stories of the incredible Way You Are Wonders that have been through an experience. In orderto get the stories the lovely ladies have been filling out a short email. These have then been developed into the stories by one of the lovely helpers I have working on the gallery.

Some of the people featuring in the gallery have had quite some time pass since thier session and are being asked to cast their minds back quite a way. It also means they have spent some time thinking about their own experiences.

I'm not going to quote too much here and now ... it will take too much away from the gallery if you are coming but phrases like ...

Are not uncommon and actual underline everything I say about having a photo session.

Challenge yourself and you will see your reward.

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