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The Way You Are Launch

For some time now I've been looking to launch a luxury portrait experience. There are many of us that are not comfortable with a camera being pointed at us. We feel intimidated and uncomfortable about the pictures that will stare back. I am on a mission to make everyone happy about the pictures they see and subsequently make you happy about The Way You Are.

We all know that the pictures that we see in the glossy magazines are subject to tricks of the trade, posing, lighting, clothing, hair and make up along with the inevitable help of Photoshop. It is unrealistic for any one to think that the same results can be achieved with an iPhone and a Selfie, yet that is what is expected.

I offer you an experience that will change the way you are. The truth is that people come in all shapes and all sizes, large, tall, curved and straight ... most people however struggle to see their own beauty.

The Way You Are will change all of that for you. Taking time to work with you as a person, understand what it is that you do and don't like, what image you want to project, how it is you want to be seen. We work with you looking at a range of images or inspiration. Understanding what will happen to the pictures once you have them. In many case they can be just for you, an experience to make you feel good, for a partner as a gift to keep close, or for the walls in your home. The choice is yours. We invest our time to make you feel good.

On the day of your shoot, hair and make up will be done, outfits prepared and as we have determined the look and feel for the shoot, there are no surprises. It is because of that the session will be a fun, energetic and enjoyable experience. Working together we will create the images you didn't think were possible.

We are here to take pictures of the Way You Are ... fashion, editorial, boudoir what are you waiting for. Enjoy the experience, keep the pictures, see The Way You Are in a whole new light.

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