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We're almost there and it feels like time is running out

Way You Are Gallery of Stories

I won't say that the pressure is on but it's been less than 6 hours since I sat at this keyboard ... There's only a few days left to go until the Gallery of Stories and as is always the case it's the last little bits that take up most of the time.

In the last day or two I've got the goodie bags in order; completed the edit and review of a few of the stories; had headshots; written, rewritten and rewritten again my little On the night speech; ordered a few last minute prints. Oh and I've created a few bit of last minute advertising bits and bobs. It promises to be a great night and I'm really looking forward to it so please come grab one of the last few tickets before they run out here https://thewayyouare.eventbrite.co.uk

#Boudoir #Gallery #photography

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