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What is Creative Photography anyway?

What is creativity ?
It is the relationship between a human being and the mysteries of inspiration. - Elizabeth Gilbert

Being a creative is hard ... being an original creative is even harder.

Being a creative takes balls the size of elephants.

I would like you to put yourself in my shoes, if you would for just a few minutes.

I am driven to create. It's taken me a lot of years, denial and some counselling from dear friends but no matter which way I cut it I love to create.

It starts as a child with Lego following the instructions diligently like a slave. Colouring in books oh so neatly between the lines using the appropriate colours. I was one of those kids that had to order the crayons and pencils in rainbow colour order.

Creativity involves transforming ideas, imagination and dreams into reality. Like living inside of the Matrix, it's seeing the patterns evolve, making connections and having those ideas in the first place.

It's said that most of the things that interesting, important and human are the results of creativity.

When I am in the zone, creating then I feel like I am living a more fully purposeful life than when I am not. It not just photography and art I create. I love to cook, I am a musician and during Covid lockdown, with all of the time on my hands, I picked up a shovel and transformed the garden. Frankly my brain cannot and will not keep still.

We are all born to be creative ... how many times have you heard that children learn through play. Then somewhere along the line we have to 'grow up' be serious, be more attentive and studious. In short be like every one else in the room.

So it holds then that if you were creative as a child, then you can once again be creative as an adult. You just need to let go and be a little less cautious, more daring. Not care if it doesn't seem right or proper.

So why not throw caution to the wind, live out your childhood and see how creative we can be?

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