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What's your unique selling point ..

Somebody asked me what my unique selling point was the other day on a call. I think at the time I gave some waffle answer, but I've had a few days to consider. In those few days I've also had a few shoots, and organised a few shoots.

So what is it ... It is that I shoot from a home studio ... where literally every square inch has been used ? Is it that I love what I do so much... I am after all an artist ? Is it that it's just as easy for me to shoot in your location as it is mine ? Maybe it's I involve you in the process... Actually I've figured it out ... it's time, the amount we spend together doing what we do is astonishing. From the first conversation to the styling of the shoot, sourcing make up artist, stylists, glitter artists, props and who know what else...

Quite often, we have spent 5 or 6 hrs planning, talking, becoming excited ... together. Your shoot day is yours, no one elses. I don't book anything else into the day. No one else, nothing else. I can quite honestly assure you that you will never see me look at my watch, well only for the time you have told me you have to go.

See I'm not offering photos... good lord no. I'm taking you somewhere on your journey where you may have wished to go to for sometime, but honestly you haven't been to before. And I'm going to let you take as long as it takes, with me to get there ... Discovery, acceptance, knowledge, empowerment, fierceness, marvel and wonder ... Ever heard a photoshoot described in those words ... ? Trust me when I tell you that when you have been here invested in the preparation mental and physical, smashed a few barriers and walk away standing tall, walkout proud, shout out loud ...

I've just finished an online chat with a recent Wonder.. her words.

Honestly after today I feel like a million dollars.

Are you ready to find out more ... mail me julian@ganderphotography.co.uk

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