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What's your Zig a Zig ahhh

Back in what seems the dark ages, before Simon Cowell gave us HearSay and Girls Aloud we had the Spice Girls ... if you are too young to remember what Victoria Beckham did before fashion, look them up. Here's hoping some of my readers are that young.

Anyway their first hit proclaimed us to tell the girls what we want, what we really really want. They each, the told us, really wanted a Zigga Zig Ah ... I can't say I've spent too long wanting to know what one is but I hope they each got one in the end.

Fast forward to today and a motivational speaker, with a guest slot at a business meeting I attend. He wanted to know what each of the small business owner's Zigga Zig Ah is ..

It got me thinking, made me wonder, putting aside being financially successful, which for all of us has to be a given. Why have I taken a midlife decision to be a photographer and no longer be a Suit.

I know what I don't want ... it mostly boils down to not wanting to be working in a huge corporate machine and spend my days producing seemingly endless spreadsheets, financial trackers, or Powerpoint decks. That's something I used to have to do.

I appreciate I am in business for myself and need to do some of this but that is now a necessary evil and I do have the skills. So What Do I Want ...

I Want To Take Pictures ...

well I can do that as a hobby and have a day job

What Do I Really Want ...

I Want To Be Creative, Meet People, Produce Good Work ...

OK that was getting harder and harder

What Do I Really Really Want ...

I Want To Be Proud of what I do ...

that's a bit closer

I want the people who think they look dreadful in photos to see how good they look,

I want to see my work on people's walls,

I want to be challenged,

I want to enjoy myself ...

closer still

There is nothing, and I mean nothing that compares to the intake of breath when you hand over a portrait, The silence of contemplation when a picture is delivered ...

So what's my Zigga Zig Ah ... I want to do what I love, I want it to be appreciated and I want to see smiles on faces for the images I give back... not much to ask ( oh and let's not forget I want to be financially sound ;-) )

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