I've spoken with many women over the last few years about photography.  Almost with out fail they show an interest and then a fear about having a picture taken.


Even in this age of endless photography and social media we are all self conscious.  We are all worried of how that picture may turn out and if we don't like it.  It's probibally to do with the immediacy of the image.  Back In the days of film we waited a while before seeing the results and generally, with the exception of the real stinkers, we were ok with them.  It's also because we just didn't take as many pictures in day to day life.  We were on holiday or at a party so pictures we rarely bad. In the modern world where we take photos all the time many of us are only happy if we alter ourselves with a Snapchat filter.  In words if we have something to hide behind. 


But the thing is a professional photo session styled with you, and for you can only result in great pics.  Wardrobe carefully selected, make up skilfully applied what can go wrong.  I do however also know that starting off with a full session  is a daunting task.  One that takes a while to get used to.


So I'm inviting you to TakeTheWURPlunge .. it's simple all I'm asking you to do is take a picture on your phone in a t-shirt, white shirt or vest top and a pair of leggings, shorts or pants... of course this is boudoir so if you want to take the image in a nice matching lingerie set don't let me stop you.


Either hold a piece of plain white printer paper and on it in a good fat marker write #TakeTheWURPlunge and a positive adjective to describe how you feel .. 


Here's a few words to start with