My name is Julian and I'm on a mission to make you see yourself as you never have before.

We live in a challenging world where we are expected to live up to many expectations ...


I am here to let you know that you are wonderful

The Way You Are.

As a photographer what is it that drives me to deliver a unique experience for everyone.  

It's simple everyone is individual, everyone is different both inside and out.  


Many of us don't enjoy having a picture taken, we are our own biggest critics about what we see.  


I challenge you to take The Way You Are plunge.

 It all starts simple enough by just talking to me ...


What is there to be afraid of?


We all deserve to love ourselves, however in the modern world we are constantly bombarded

with images that challenge the way that we feel.

 Make us disregard ourselves in the light of modern manipulated images that we cannot hope to achieve.  

In truth a lot of us are our own worst critics, our own worst enemies.

The Way You Are is unique in contemporary portraiture photography.  

I take the approach that everyone is individual with their their own story to tell.  


What we develop together is the next chapter of

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